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Why Little Gardens?

During the pandemic, Noah learned about the desert of gardens in suburban areas. Armed with a desire for everyone to have a little garden, Noah started saving all the seeds of all the fruits and veggies his mom brought home from the store. At first, his mom was super supportive of his new interest, but soon veggies and fruit disappeared before the groceries were put away. Noah extracted the seeds or used parts of the veggies to seed new garlic, or onions, or grow a new avocado plant. It was obvious this was not a passing phase. Eventually, the garage gave way to shelves and shelves of grow lights, the only sunny areas of the yard housed greenhouses, and pots and more pots were in every nook and cranny. Besides potting new plant starts, Noah loves learning new tips and tricks to grow the healthiest plant starts to ultimately produce food for a new generation. Now his little plant passion is bursting with little plant starts to benefit your little garden or big garden. He's changing the world one plant start at a time.


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