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Planting Starts: Pros and Cons

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Loved Chris McLaughlin's post on Kitchen Gardening about the pros and cons of planting seeds or starts.

Chris McLaughlin beautifully summarizes all the pros and cons of starting a garden from seed or purchasing starts from your local nursery in her post Planting seeds vs. Starts: Pros and Cons. She hits all the high notes of concerns and obstacles of each path available to the home gardener.

One of the cons of planting from seed is the need for a germinating station indoors and a hardening off area outside. This is a huge investment of monetary resources as well as square footage resources. The number one con of purchasing plant starts is the expense. While one plant start at a nursery might not seem very pricey, planting a whole garden of any size with starts can add up quickly.

Little Gardens has solved both of these issues. Our plant starts cost significantly less than even local nurseries. They are grown organically under grow lights and greenhouses that are on our property, freeing up your outdoor space. Definitely a win-win!


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